Irish Dancing Day – Dance Workshop


Saturday, 14th May, 12:00

Frankfurt am Main

  • a short history of Irish Dancing
  • introduction to the solo dance
  • group dances
  • absolute beginners (adults and children, boys and girls)

Everyone is welcome!

Free of charge!


DAS STUDIO, Offenbacher Landstr. 7-13, 60599 Frankfurt am Main (Sachsenhausen)



Aktion WIR FÜR FRANK in Hannover 12.09.2010

Liebe Tänzer!

Ich möchte Sie herzlich zur Aktion WIR FÜR FRANK in Hannover

am Sonntag, dem 12. September
10:00 – 16:00

Böhmerstraße 10
30173 Hannover

einladen. Als Tänzer oder Zuschauer UND Freiwillige.
Weitere Infos unter WIR FÜR FRANK

Beneficent Feis in Odessa, Ukraine

On August 14, 2010 a beneficent feis will take place in Odessa, Ukraine. Please feel free to visit the event. All dancers from all parts of the world and from all organizations are welcome to take part. The feis is thought to contribute to the development of WIDA, World Irish Dance Association.

Good luck, Julia and Vera!

This is the way people should promote Irish Dancing!

Event manager: IRIDANCE

Organisation : WIDA

One year ago… in Leipzig…

… our group from Leipzig University.

Surely, practicing only once a week…

One of the Best Celtic Bands I know…


Their name is –
Celtic Underground
No comments, just watch and listen…


Couldn’t help it…

I found this video on Youtube and I couldn’t help thinking – I have to post it here. It is a mix of Amelie-Film parts, which is a great movie, and Celtic instrumental music, which is also really good…


Lesson 5 Beta – Lead Around & Side Step

And now we combine the Lead Around and the Side Step.